Programs and Services

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This service is designed for those individuals, age 60 and over, who have neither relatives nor friends available to drive. This program is an extension of our regular county-wide transportation service. Transportation will be specifically for those patients needing rides to obtain therapy (chemo, radiation, dialysis, etc) and other medical appointments in Lima, Sidney, Celina, and Coldwater.

Transportation is available to physicians’ offices in Lima and Celina. Sidney and Coldwater transportation is limited to Wilson Memorial Hospital and Coldwater Community Hospital, respectively. Transportation is also available for grocery shopping, errands, ect. Call for more information

Adult Day Care Transportation is also available. Participants may be required to meet at a central location for pick-up to maximize time spent at Day Care. Family member escorts may be required.

A back-up system that helps keep a community eye out for seniors. Mailboxes are discreetly labeled with stickers. Postal carriers watch these mailboxes for an accumulation of mail that may indicate a fall or illness. ACCA does the documentation, and all county post offices participate

Provides assistance with such chores as lawn mowing, leaf raking, snow shoveling, minor fix-it repairs, major house cleaning, window washing, grocery shopping, bill paying, and other errands. This does not include homemaker-light house cleaning (ie sweeping and dusting).

Provides assistance with light housekeeping: dusting furniture, sweeping, washing floors and bathrooms,changing bed linens and washing clothes.

The Wellness Information Center is available for senior citizens who wish to stay healthy or want to become healthier. Various professionals from the area speak on different topics each month and provide free screenings such as Cholesterol ,Blood pressure checks, Dental health, hearing aid clinics, and support groups. For more information contact Trena Chiles.

The ACCA Endowment Fund was created by the Auglaize Council on Aging to help ensure that future generations of older people in Auglaize County would have access to needed services.

Sharing your blessings by donating to this fund is a simple straightforward way to help future generations of older people

Memorial envelopes are available at the Senior Center, St. Marys

The fund is administered by the St. Marys Community Foundation. Gifts made to this Foundation, a 501(C)(3) charity, qualify for maximum deductibility for income, gift, and estate tax purposes.

A service designed to provide persons 60 years and older with one-on-one assistance for ambulation and the securement of a route to and from needed community resources, such as medical appointments, pharmacies, etc. The driver or staff person must accompany the client to and from the home or agency to avoid dangerous falls or accidents. (service depends on the availability of volunteers & staff)

An extensive Resource Library exists at the senior center to assist caregivers with a variety of topics that can aid in a home setting caring for their loved ones. A helpful caregiver presentation for individual viewing or an agency presentation is available. Please Contact Paul Gossard for more information or to set up an individual appointment.

Friendly Visitor is designed to conquer isolation and loneliness through individual contact between the senior and a volunteer community visitor to socialize, read, write letters, etc. Volunteers are needed for the Friendly Visitor, contact Paul Gossard.

Information about and assistance with discount programs, like Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Golden Buckeye, and more. Extensive resource files available on a variety of topics. Legal Aid referrals.

Individual contact with the seniors to assess their needs and assist them in meeting those needs. To explain our services and other available services in the county.

Public speaking to inform groups of our available services, and newsletters (free publication 4 times a year).

Transitional Meal Service, a United Way funded service, is a temporary service designed to help people through a period of adjustment following an illness or release from a hospital or nursing home. Five days’ worth of meals is delivered three days a week.

Provisions are supplied for two meals a day (one hot, one cold), plus a weekly supply of basic staples (milk, bread, orange juice, cereal, and margarine). Special dietary requirements are followed; the participant’s physician must order a specific diet “prescription”.

Helps to identify, locate, and return memory-impaired individuals and their care-givers. Registered ID bracelets are logged in a database for retrieval. Applications available at the senior center. Referrals are submitted to the local Alzheimer’s Association.

The Senior Luncheon Cafés are a place where seniors can go for a nutritious breakfast, noon meal, socialization, and nutrition/health information enabling them to continue participating in their communities.

Participants must be 60 years of age or older to attend. Meals are served Monday thru Friday (no weekends or holidays) at the St. Mary’s location and Monday Wednesday & Fridays at the Wapakoneta site. Donations are collected daily toward the cost of the meals. The suggested donation is $3.00 per meal if over the age of 60 and $ 6.50 if under the age of 60. No one is denied services due to ability or inability to pay.

Call ACCA at 419-394-8252  a day in advance to reserve a meal at a cafe. If you need transportation, contact Elsie McGlothen at the Council on Aging at 419-394-8252 or 1-866-244-6401. Breakfast sponsored by the Auglaize County United Way.

ACCTS is a referral based, cooperative, multi-agency transportation system. Pooling of resources minimizes costs, duplication of services, and results in a more efficiently run program benefitting a greater percentage of the local population residing in Auglaize County. This service is available for emergencies, medical or therapy appointments, pharmacies, daycare, employment, social service appointments, counseling trips, housing or income-related problems, legal aid appointments. ( our first priority are to the sixty plus age group in Auglaize County).

Programs designed to promote the well-being of older persons through the participation in group activities or other personal interaction in order to alleviate loneliness or isolation. It includes activities such as music, arts, games, exercises, and crafts.

File of Life-Makes medical information easier to retrieve for emergency medical personnel. File packet include a medical history form, and instructions..


The following activities are held on a regular basis at the center. Contact the center for more information. Please watch the calendar for other activities that arise from time to time.


An integral part of maintaining one's independence is mobility.

Transitional Meal Service

Meals prepared by Joint Township District Memorial Hospital Dietary Department is a good way to insure proper nutrition after an illness or injury. Maximum 4- 6 weeks.

Wellness Center

Toenail clinic-Trimming toe nails, calluses & general foot care by a licensed pedicurist. Many other “Wellness” services (including “Wellness Wednesdays”) & activities are available. Contact Trena Chiles for more information.


Minor home repair

Line Dancing

‘Swingin' Senior Line dance lessons are available at the St. Mary’s Location

Outreach Assistant

Initial personal contact for service delivery.

Blood Pressure

Provided by Joint Township District Memorial Hospital, & several long term care facilities in the county.


Sharing a meal with others is a good way to enjoy an afternoon..

Computer / Craft Classes

Sharing a meal with others is a good way to enjoy an afternoon..

Card Clubs

A chance to get together with others who share in the enjoyment of a friendly game of cards.

Caregiver/Resource Library

The Resource Library is available for caregivers at the senior center. For more information contact Trena Chiles or Christina Caudill.

Chore Service

Providing assistance with seasonal needs, heavy housecleaning, and grocery shopping.


Help with household chores.


Social events such as trips, bingo, crafts, quilting, cards, exercises, speakers, entertainment are available at both locations. Contact either Activities Director Evelyn Hartley or Lisa Chiles for more information.